Monday, January 17, 2011

January 27 Journal Entry Topics

Sample Journal Entries for January 27th Lesson

These are some ideas that students may decide to write about in their journal entries.

1. Students might write about the role of the UN and intervening with international causes such as this one.

2. Students might reflect on the liberation of Auschwitz and the role of other countries intervening in global acts of genocide.

3. Students might write about whether or no they think January 27th is an appropriate day for and international Holocaust Memorial Day.

4. Students might write about whether or not they believe the international community should be remembering the Holocaust specifically.

5. Students might write about different ways to remember the Holocaust i.e. through poetry or music etc.

6. Students might write about the specific resolution and the different sections that were discussed in class.

7. Students might write about what we can learn from the Holocaust with regards to other international acts of genocide.

8. Students might write about how the international community should react to victims of genocide.

9. Students might write about why or why not they think they Holocaust is a unique act of genocide that should specifically be remembered using the writings of Professor Bauer as a guide.

10. Students might reflect on the poem by Dan Pagis and what it means to them and their personal memory of the Holocaust.

11. Students might reflect on the visual representations of memorials that were addressed during class.

12. Students might write about their own ideas for visual or other types of artistic representations of memorials for the Holocaust.

13. Students might reflect on the message they feel needs to be conveyed to the world regarding Holocaust memorial.

14. Students might reflect on Auschwitz and why it is important to remember this specific place.

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